Makaila and me on the last day of 7th grade!

What a difference one month makes... Harry's hydrangea before and after.

I'm working on my "hair flip and giggle" - what do you think?

This is buddy. He was a great old dog and I'm glad I got to know him.

So much for most of June... Yea! We're off to San Jose!

What can I say? I knew I got my fashion sense from Dad!

Don Felder - American musician and songwriter, lead guitarist for the Eagles from 1974 to 2001

Caroline, Lucie, and Wayne - Three goofballs at a concert

REO Speedwagon - I loved it even if Dad says the lead singer sounds like Alvin now

Styx - I thought they were great too even if Dad says the keyboardist acts like Jack Black

Look! Even Dad relaxed at the beach - you can tell it isn't Oregon... no heavy coats!

Of course, he didn't participate in the selfie experience, but he did photograph it... meta selfie?

We're just waiting for Maggie and Mark to make their millions and retire here...

I had to get really dressed up for Roger Waters... I think it really added to the experience!

Now the flying pig is a remote controlled drone - isn't technology great!?

You can see we were way up in the stands but it was still an impressive experience

It didn't work the first time, so they re-did part of the song so we could see the laser show...

Look at how well Mom did! (That's Paula and me playing Mom... you can't see Mom... she threw the bean bags...)

Fortunately next time she didn't do so well :-)!

June... The cruelest month...

Not really, of course, but it got you to wonder, "Why would he say a thing like that?"

Actually June was a pretty good month. I made the switch from one job to another and even managed to do a little work for my new group (it is actually becoming a group... now there are three of us) while handing off everything from my old group. Of course there are some things to get used to - meeting with China (yes, all of China :-), it is a huge meeting) at 8:00pm - but there have already been some things to be relieved about - apparently now we're (oops... they're) meeting everyday at 8:10am, noon, and 4:00pm to beat everyone (I mean follow up with everyone) about what went wrong overnight or in the last 4 hours. I just don't understand how they think anything is going to get done if everyone is spending all their time preparing to report out on what they're supposed to be doing.

And, my new schedule has thrown Caroline all out of whack since I'm no longer getting up at the same time every day and rushing into work to make sure I know what is going on before 8:10am in case someone needs information for a report out... I know I'm not going to miss that because I already don't...

As you can see in the pictures this month also appears to have been really busy, but in fact almost everything happened right at the end of the month. Lucie did finish school up at the beginning of June but then things were kind of quiet until we went to San Jose to see Don Felder (The Eagles), REO Speedwagon, and Styx - and see Mark and Maggie - and then come right home in time to see Roger Waters (Pink Floyd). I guess we felt like we needed to start warming up for July...

But, we'll get to July next month. In the mean time, enjoy the pictures.