April 2016

April 30th: Another month has gone by and what do we have to show for it? Curling!

Well another month has passed by. We went to the Tulip Festival on April 9th and curling on April 30th, and apparently did nothing in between...

Of course that isn't true... We also paid taxes! You can go to thecarrikers/reallyexcitingpictures.not to see the moment by moment excitement that was filling out the forms... Now, Kid, filling out the forms on the group W bench reminds me that we also went to see Arlo Guthrie on April 15th... No pictures for you, but we had a grand time and Lucie got to hear "The Motorcycle Song (The Significance of the Pickle)", "Coming into Los Angeles", "The Train They Call the City of New Orleans", and "Alice's Restaurant" along with lots of stories about the 60s... We also saw Sarah Lee Guthrie (Arlo's daughter) and they sang some of Woody Guthrie's (Arlo's father) songs as well...

Do you know any Woody Guthrie songs? I bet you do... How about "This Land Is Your Land"?

But I'll bet Lucie is the only 12 year old you know that has ever heard of any of these people, and there is an excellent likelihood that she will never meet anyone her age that has actually heard "Alice's Restaurant" performed live by Arlo Guthrie since he rarely performs it in concert (but this was the 50th Anniversary Tour so he had to and we all had a great time singing along... or at least Lucie and I did - I'm not sure Caroline actually sang along :-))

Anyway... No telling what next month will bring, so check out this month's pictures and check back in a month to see what comes next.

Christie, Cindy, Claudia, Elle, and Naomi... Sure they were before my time but I'm clearly destined for the runway too... Harry's tree bloomed this month. The "multi-Lucie" is a little disturbing... But what is the deal with my tiny little arm?
Yes, we went to the Tulip Festival again this year... what gave it away? Do you have any idea how many of these I had to pose for? Mom and Dad even made Buttercup pose for Tulip pictures... but did they get down in the flowers?! Mom put this one on Facebook and got so many likes that Dad had to copy it here...
I got Mom to ride the brain rattler! (Dad used, "someone has to stay with Buttercup" as an excuse...) Some generous person offered to take a family picture... no selfie stick needed! Dad says this is the motley crew that works for him... not to be confused with Mötley Crüe... I thought curling sounded like so much fun that I talked Ireland and Sydney into it!
I had a little trouble at first... But I got the hang of it! We even talked Mom into trying it! We had a great time! (We beat Mom & Dad 2 to 0...)