October 2015

October 31st: Are you ready for some SPOOKY pictures?

Well don't get your hopes up.

We aren't really a spooky kind of family. In fact, I'm writing this before we even take very first Halloween picture, so right now I don't have any spooky pictures to show you. I could have had some, but I chose to delete the really scary pictures from California rather post them on the web...

Of course, I didn't go to California. I stayed here and took care of Buttercup. Are there any pictures of that? Of course not! I don't do selfies! Lucie does, however, so enjoy that. You can also enjoy all the "selfies" of the gals in California... Also, it was apparently nice at the beach in California, so you can see Lucie enjoying that too.

Of course, October means Lucie's birthday! This month, however, I jammed all the birtday pictures into only one picture so you can soak in all the excitement at once! A couple days later, she had her "birthday party" at Wings and Waves so you can soak in all that excitement as well... get it "soak" in the excitement... Wings and "Waves"... funny, huh?

That's what I thought.

And to end the month we're trying to catch up on rain fall all in one day - just in time for trick or treating! Yeah! I'm staying home and handing out the candy while Caroline schleps around with Belvedere. You know - Belvedere the cockatrice from Good Mythical Morning... this year's most popular Halloween costume... oh wait, that's Donald Trump...

I think I just about have this selfie thing down at this point! A giant fat cat with a donut... what are you supposed to do with that? Dad just can't resist playing with Photoshop... Can you spot the "meta-selfie"? Apparently we really like one spot in Aunt Maggie's house...
I bet Buttercup would rather have been with us in California! The beach was awesome! What did I tell you about Dad and Photoshop? I'm working on my glamour shots now too... I just have to figure out the glamour selfie!
I was sure I could beat the dogs to the kong! Uncle Mark really was there too! He just hid most of the time... I was glad to get back to Cheesecake and Cream Cheese - I guess Dad managed to take care of them while I was gone... Dad! Enough with the Photoshop!
More glamour shots... It is almost like my hair was actually brushed... Apparently Dad is rubbing off on Mom - she had to get all artsy with the black and white... Fall is most definitely here. Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday dear Lucie! Happy Birthday to me!
Getting ready for the Nose Dive! Wait a minute! How did Quinn become Dad?! Do you know what 200 gallons of cold water feels like? After you goof off in the wave tank there's nothing better than chilling in the hot tub... get it... "chilling"... "hot tub"... never mind...
Dad says we'll regret these pictures later, but I think we look great! Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a group picture like this without "rabbit ears" popping up? Yes, we had a highly nutritious day between Wings and Waves and Red Robin! Can you believe my hair did this just because I stuffed it up in my riding helmet?!
And the picture you've been waiting for... Belvedere the cockatrice! Dad wanted to make sure you had one without all that clutter in the background, too... So you know what he can do with that... Photoshop!