July 2015

July 31st: Plenty of pictures this month from Chicago and Florida!

I'm going to start this month with a new catch phrase... Isn't that so fun?!

Isn't that so fun?! No, wait.. is that the catch phrase or is it commentary on the use of the catch phrase? I'm so confused... Isn't that so fun?!

And you know what else is fun? Comcast is doing away with this website in the middle of August! Isn't that so fun?! Yes, after almost a dozen years of providing a place for our family photos, they have decided to no longer support personal pages. So, very shortly this site will cease to exist. Isn't that so fun?!

Fortunately I was able to resurrect the site at www.thecarrikers.com before Comcast actually did away with home.comcast.net/~carriker. In theory this will mean all sorts of new possibilities for what the site will be capable of (Isn't that so fun?!) but initially I just hope to get the existing site copied over so nothing is lost...

Here we are in the new location! Looks pretty much the same doesn't it?

We went to see the fireworks as a family, but I left Mom and Dad on their own and they felt compelled to take this selfie... This year Dad didn't really try to capture the fireworks - and his Photoshop work really isn't up to par... We went to Chicago to see Faith... guess we can check that off our list now... OK - so we did a little bit more than that - unfortunately Dad only has a picture of ping pong, not TPPOFPFSFBP (toilet paper paddle obstacle frying pan fake skateboard fake baseball pong) which he invented with Sam
This is Sam This is Cheerio This is a rare Faith actually has her eyes open moment One evening we went down town and rode along the lake front but we had to stop when it got too dark
The next day Dad went with Dan and Luke on another ride, but I didn't go - apparently it was quite scenic though... Mom tried expanding her business in Illinois... Maria seemed interested! Andrew wanted to get in on the action too, but I don't know why I was trying to look like a duck! Afterwards Mom tried to get us to do our best super model looks...
After Chicago Dad and I went to The Villages... that pink dot is me dancing in the Brownwood square. And here I am in the pool with TC and Bebe... And here I am in the pool with Dad playing with the underwater camera... We went out for fish and chips (of course, that is chicken on my plate, and Dad had a sandwich...)
I guess I'm going to have to get Dad a selfie stick if he is going to take pictures like these... TC decided to sit and enjoy the view while I dragged Bebe off on a walk. Bebe found a bird group that was having a meeting while I was there, so we went to hear about everyone's birds... Florida lizards are faster than Georgia lizards, but I finally caught one!
We went to Lake Panasoffkee before Dad went home. You can't tell much from the pictures, but we went out on an airboat to see the sights and look for... Alligators! This one was about 8 or 9 feet long and we saw a baby that was just a foot long... They told me that this one was 3 to 4 years old - doesn't he have a great smile? (you can barely tell Dad Photoshopped out the strap holding his mouth shut :-) )
And this is Addie - I don't know who she is but she took lots of pictures of Dad on his flight home, so he took one of her too...