August 2015

August 31st:

Last month we introduced, "Isn't that so fun?!"... Is it still fun? Of course it is!

Clearly Comcast did not carry through with disabling the website as it is still up, but that is beside the point as we are here at our new location. Perhaps before the end of the year I will figure out how to take advantage of some new features and force some more technology on everyone. Or perhaps I will just stick with the tried and true format that you see today... Isn't that so fun?!

Otherwise, Lucie returned from Florida and we went to the Intel LTD picnic and Lucie has been making us watch a lot of Good Mythical Morning with Rhett and Link. I'll let you look it up for yourselves if you want to watch it. Besides that, it has just been the usual - work work work... until The Librarians came to town! I didn't get to go star spotting, but Caroline and Lucie got to watch them film (the episode is tentatively set to air on December 20, 2015.)

And now Summer is over again and Lucie will be starting the Sixth Grade already! Time just keeps flying by... maybe I'll take some time to go back through all the pictures on the website... you can too.

I danced my hiney off in Florida... I even got Bebe in on the action! We went to a place called "Ears" where they rescue big cats... that last one was really ferocious! We also went to Disney's Animal Kingdom - along with everybody else! On the safari we saw giraffes...
And elephants... And Rhinos... Oh my! We also stopped by to see the gorillas and they had the cutest little baby... I also got to play in the water fountain... that was some serious surface tension!
Here I am with my pal, Rafiki... And here I am with some other monkey! (Actually, I would never say that... Dad snuck that one in!) I couldn't get TC to dance in the square, but at least he cut a rug with Bebe at home! Happy Birthday, Buttercup! I can't believe she is two already.
I don't know if I'm photo bombing a bad Dad selfie or forcing him to be in my bad selfie... Coloring can be calming... or you can wear a beach on your head... We went to the Intel picnic this year... Mom got all the way to the top of the wall and I got to fulfill my life long dream of being a hamster! I don't know what Dad was thinking with this one...
My new favorite past time - Good Mythical Morning on the computer... Oregon forest fires made it so smokey you couldn't see the hills. But it made for a really impressive sunset. Don't you just hate it when someone else hogs the remote control?
I could have gotten my picture taken with Noah Wyle or Rebecca Romijn, but I went with the real star! I don't even have anything to say about this one...