April 2015

April 30th: Dad was going to be lazy and wait for the weekend but I didn't want to disappoint my fans!

Once again I don't have a lot to say. Even in pictures this time, most of what I have to "say" is really from just two days this month. Sometimes that happens...

Buttercup wanted to participate more in Easter this year... But she's not fooling anyone - she's no Easter Bunny! What could be better for breakfast than chocolate and jelly beans? Oh no! Buttercup is eating the Easter Bunny! Just kidding - the Easter Bunny brought her a new chew toy.
One, two, three... the Easter Bunny is getting trickier every year when hiding these eggs... Harry's tree, along with everything else, bloomed early this year I thought it was warm... Mom still thought it was cold... And Buttercup just wanted to chase the ball! It has been a long time, but it was still fun to play at "Gumberbum" park
Cheesecake and Cream Cheese enjoyed Easter too... watching them bob for eggs was hilarious! I don't understand why Dad has to mess with my selfies... I think Dad took this picture for Tanto - it is just me preparing for the show Just more preparation - I'm just riding in the practice area waiting my turn
Not the most exciting picture I know, but I'm almost ready to start my ride... And then, in just a couple minutes, it was over and Mom and Dad made me pose for more pictures... Quinn managed to get up even though the show was "early" - it was before noon afterall Does this hair make me look Texan?