October 2014

November 1st: OK - so Dad didn't get this one done on time - give him a break, but don't ask him about his phone...

I'm sure I should have a lot to say this month... just look at all the pictures.

Unfortunately, I'm already a day late and given technical difficulties, it is now late to boot. Oh well, maybe for November I can come up with something witty to say. Or maybe not.

As you can see this month included some dog training, some partying, some horse back riding, a birthday, a visit from Bebe and TC, some more partying, and Halloween. This year Lucie decided, after some initial frustration with the maneuverability of a big cardboard box costume, to go all out and trick-or-treat until the lights went out, so she got quite the haul this year. Next year she has vowed to do something easier to get around in so who knows what will happen.

Anyway, that's it for tonight... see you next month.

Sure he looks like a secret agent now, but that's just because he doesn't have his disco pants yet. See - we have great weather in October! Mom and Dad went to a "Host Your Own Murder set in Ancient Rome" party! Aren't they cute? I have no idea where we are, but Mom took this on her phone...
And Dad took this with his phone - apparently this was one of the pictures he could actually get off it again. Happy Birthday to me! Dad made me the shirt (actually had someone make it) and Maria made me the hat (actually made it herself.) The cake will come later, but first I got an Edible Arrangement from Mom and cookies from Aunt Maggie. I made Buttercup suffer for my birthday.
I think this card was supposed to indicate that I'm easily... did I mention that I got a lot of cool stuff for my birthday? Dad says he's worried that there might be too much Tonto in me, but I don't know what gives him that idea... Take a good look - I doubt you'll see another picture of me in this. This is Gingrich, my orange-bellied rough skin newt - you can blame Bebe & TC for the name...
When the weather gets really cold I guess we know where we'll find Buttercup. I'm not sure what exactly Buttercup medal-ed in... But she does some pretty good tricks! She also looks quite stylish when entertaining the family.
One of the things I got for my birthday was this rhythmic gymnastics ribbon - Dad wouldn't let anyone take his picture, but he was sure quick to get TC... That's right - I made a singing, dancing jukebox costume for Halloween... I also went ice skating with Amalie and Quinn... And I got Student of the Month at school and Mom came to the assembly... Thank goodness Dad didn't - he threatened to cheer!
A jukebox, a Spartan warrior, and a buttercup, and what was Mom? That's right... a photographer!