June 2014

June 28th: Dad had to get this one out early so we could go to Georgia!

One of these months I'm going to have a lot to say and everyone will be shocked.

This is not that month.

I didn't think there would really be anything to post this month, but we did have dog trick training with Buttercup and Lucie talked to the City Council and we made our own corn hole game set (if your mind went there, shame on you - if you don't know what I'm talking about, don't ask...) and the weather has been warmer and drier than usual. That didn't really help the plants we planted last month, but that's the way it goes.

Otherwise, work is work and home is home. Everyone is fine. Lucie will be in Georgia most of next month so we'll be Truffle sitting while she's gone. Hopefully Truffle won't be gone before Lucie gets back...

See you in another month.

More of that fake sunshine and shorts weather photo trickery... actually it has been pretty nice Another of Dad's "art shots" - amazing how he was able to actually get some color... The birds continue to eat us out of house and home - and Dad didn't show you the ones that nested in Mom's Fuschias Buttercup didn't like the bubbles as much as I had hoped.
We completed dog training class and Buttercup learned the muffin tin game... But her most impressive trick was "disguise yourself"! She looks like a completely different dog! As always Dad looks excited to be in front of the camera... Happy Father's Day! This is Buttercup's "Who me?" look...
I don't know what you call this look. Harry's hydrangea came back with a vengeance this year... but Dad faked the color on the right... School's been out for a while, but I got to present my solar oven project to the Forest Grove city council late this month... Of course the best part was making myself a S'More...
Corn hole came to Forest Grove this month too, so Dad made us some boards and Mom made some bags And Dad set some funny modes on the camera and took a bunch of pictures... We didn't really let Buttercup play, but she got to chase the ball afterwards and wore herself out.