December 2014

December 31st: Not even pretending to stay up until midnight this year...

And another year comes to an end... oh what a fabulous New Years Eve party!

That is, I'm sure some one some where is having a fabulous New Years Eve party. I'm just going to bed early.

Obviously December is all about Christmas, so we have parade, tree, Santa, decoration, and Christmas day pictures for your enjoyment. We also had a short visit from Aunt Maggie. And, of course, the new rats make their appearance this month! So far we have spent about a billion dollars and a zillion hours on their cage and play pen to "rat proof" them because the first thing they did was figure out how to get out of both...

Otherwise, I don't have much to say - we keep trying to come up with the holiday letter but we wouldn't want to brag about our Nobel prize, our new vacation home in Aruba, the friends we made fighting Ebola in West Africa, etc. So, all you get is

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We went to annual Forest Grove light parade again this year - our neighbors were in it this time Surely you recognize the traditional Christmas goat Dad calls this the evolution of the Christmas tree... Even Buttercup wanted to get in on the holiday festivity this year
I think we need more color, but Mom still likes the white lights Keeping the tradition of the "ugly fish ornament" alive... Apparently Buttercup got too into the holiday festivities this year... Meet Cream Cheese and Cheesecake
What says Christmas morning better than a couple of penguins? Here is the traditional Christmas collage Dad says Buttercup is thinking about a snack, but I know my animals all just want to get along I don't know - me, Buttercup and now Mom... but no Christmas pictures specifically of Dad...
Dad says this was Mom's favorite Christmas present, but I don't understand why... And here is most of the rat agility equipment and the highly modified rat plan pen to try to keep them from just climbing out Aunt Maggie came to visit and when we weren't playing "Herd Your Horses", we were playing "Heads Up"