August 2014

August 31st: Another busy month this summer

Well, August actually turned out to be a busy month...

We started with the Paws in the Grove. Buttercup, Lucie and Caroline got to spend a few hours goofing off in the park, while I stayed at home and slaved over spreading 2 units of bark dust dust. Actually, of course, I slaved over watching the Best Buy in Town guys blow the bark dust in this year. It was the best late Father's Day gift ever - they took an hour and a half to do what it normally takes us all day to do, with no back breaking labor on our part. And we really didn't want to do any more shoveling after putting in the dog potty...

Lucie went on the B.E.A.T. trail ride again this year. She went on a longer ride, which was good for her, but since we weren't on horses with her, we had to entertain ourselves by walking some of the trails in the park with Buttercup. It turned out to be a pretty good morning with better weather than the last couple rides when it was a little cool.

I took a couple days off work and forced myself on Caroline's and Lucie's trip to California. We took the scenic route and went to Crater Lake on the way down and up the southern Oregon coast on the way back, so we didn't spend the whole time on I-5. This was the first time we've been to Crater Lake that you could actually get all the way around, but there were still little patches of snow on the ground even in mid-August! In California we hung out with Mark and Maggie and the dogs got to have a big party for a couple days with Buttercup disrupting all their (and her own) routines.

Buttercup also turned 1 this month so we had to have two parties - one in California and one here at home. No, this isn't a spoiled dog - why would you think that?

Gran and Mad Dog then came for a visit. Maybe they'll come every summer now rather than coming when it is cold and wet!

Buttercup made some new friends at Paws in the Grove... She also got some training in Fly Ball... Mom and Dad finished the dog potty last month, but the bark dusk around the edges got added while we were at the park. We also did our best to be "Country" - hanging out with our dogs by the pickup truck...
Which was really part of the B.E.A.T. trail ride... which Buttercup clearly enjoyed. So did I once I finally got in the saddle and got going! Dad swears this is a completely PhotoShop free picture of Crater Lake. I think Buttercup wanted to go fora swim (but didn't realize the water was 700 feet down...)
Mom and Dad both made me pose for too many pictures, but otherwise Crater Lake was pretty cool. I think Dad may have pumped up the hue and saturation a little on this picture of Wizard Island... There are many rare sights at Crater Lake, including all of us in the same picture! We couldn't just go to the beach in Oregon, we had to go all the way to Carmel by the Sea!
Being California, we couldn't just go home and use the hose, so Buttercup got a Dog Wash wash... they think of everything in California! We also went shopping in Los Gatos (yes, "The Cats", but doesn't Los Gatos sound better?) Before we left, Buttercup "got" to have an early birthday with her hosts (who all suffered graciously for the pictures...) At least I got to see a typical day in San Francisco and didn't have to put up with any annoying sun!
Dad says Buttercup was frightened by Mom's driving, but I think she just wants to be a lap dog! Apparently, the southern Oregon coast isn't any sunnier than where we normally go... We let Buttercup play at Sunset Bay... and we almost got a ticket for it... Even though we made sure we were way down the beach from the seal (he's healthy, just molting.)
Buttercup celebrated her actual birthday at the dog park with all her friends (and made quick work of some of her new toys!) Buttercup took full advantage of Gran and Mad Dog's visit! Sometimes the sun does shine on Manzanita (apparently enough to make it the 3rd most photographed scenery in Oregon.) I'm trying to start a new trend (at least for me - I don't really care if anyone else wears a bow tie...)
I took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - will you?