September 2013

September 30th: What!? We can't have a light month once in a while?

Last month I said maybe I would think of something exciting to write about this month. That didn't happen.

Lucie went back to school. That wasn't that exciting in an of itself, but they are trying to make it exciting by reorganizing the classes after the start of school. We're going to add a 4th grade class by pulling kids out of each of the three existing oversized classes. That would be great if they were adding a teacher, but they aren't. They are moving a 1st grade teacher to 4th grade, a kindergarten teacher to 1st grade, combining four kindergarten classes into three, and hiring a part time kindergarten teacher. The obvious solution, right?

As you can see from the pictures, we are getting a puppy. Her name is Buttercup, and after a little bit of debate and soul searching, Lucie has decided not to rename her. We told Lucie when she came back from Georgia we would start talking about getting a puppy, but that did not mean we were going to get one right away. So, we're getting one right away.

But first, we need to redo the kitchen. OK. That's done.

Start to finish was a little longer than the original plan, but the original plan was only 2 weeks, so it still didn't take too long. Going without a kitchen sink or dishwasher was a bit of a challenge, but paper plates and plastic ware (along with cereal and hot dogs) really eliminate the need for water...

Oh yeah - Aunt Maggie came for a quick visit. They spent time shopping and I spent time finishing the electrical and the plumbing and work... Hopefully they had a good time.

Get ready for next month - Lucie has a birthday and the puppy comes home!

So we put our hands up like the ceiling can't hold us... Oh yeah - I'm a big Macklemore & Lewis fan! OK - so it was really just back to school day... I missed it, but Dad got some good pictures after they (there's a second one not in this picture) walked up the hill from our yard... Guess what we're going to have a lot of pictures of next month...
OK - I look like a goof, but the point is Daddy went to see the puppies too! (That's him in the back with no head...) Not that he gets any say in the matter anyway... No, this picture isn't from this September, but this is what the kitchen looked like before... And this is what it looks like now - Daddy just finished fixing the sink tonight (Monday 9/30)