February 2013

February 28th: Once again - despite incredible hardships - Dad produces a website on time!

Once again, I had every intention to write a scintillating apercu of the Carriker family exploits of the last 28 days... Instead I am forced to look up words in the thesaurus to punch up the writing and try to make the days sound more exciting.

The reality, of course, is that February is a difficult month, and it is hard to celebrate Valentine's Day with Lucie and celebrate Harry's birthday without him. This year, we took some plush animals to be distributed at Doernbechers and visited with Jan and Mira (turns out Mira has a Valentine's birthday too) then took Lucie to school so she wouldn't miss the party - a very tough day for Lucie: visit with people she adores, go to school for lunch, recess, and a party... and then go horseback riding. Of course, who am I to complain - I took the day off from work.

Other than the 14th, the month has really just flown by. I'm spending too much time at work. We've had a few sunny weekend days and Lucie is riding her bike more. I wasn't home to capture the first big crash in pictures, but I was able to twist the handlebars back to where they were supposed to be and Lucie still wants to ride, so it wasn't too bad.

Anyway - that's pretty much it for February - maybe March will result in more pictures.

Happy Birthday, Harry - you were a cool dude from the start! We miss you I wanted to remember Harry too Who needs to get a puppy?
Dad says no Photoshop effects were used to augment this picture I started horse back riding - I like brushing the horse, but my allergies don't! Dad! You're supposed to focus on me! Not the horse... Come on horse! Turn already!
Happy Valentines, Mom (even though you annoy me) Dad finally convinced me to ride somewhere else... and I had fun! (even though he annoys me too)