October 2012

November 1st: I know you thought Daddy should have posted the pictures right after trick or treating, but he was in Arizona, so that would have been difficult...

So, other than griping about too much work (and too much sure beats the alternative), this was kind of a busy month. Lucie's friend Lauren was in town briefly, we started to talk about some art options for Lucie, Bebe showed up to surprise Lucie for her birthday, we went to the Roloff Farm to pick out some pumpkins, Lucie actually had her birthday, Gran and Mad Dog came to visit, and we had Halloween... So much to do! And I didn't even talk about cleaning out the water feature (or catching a frog!) Fortunately, the month started off pretty nice before deteriorating into cold rainy Autumn weather.

I also played around with the site a little more this month. Hopefully the pictures on this page work a little more smoothly. If not, you can still go to the Photo Gallery and review this month there.

I don't know whose pumpkin is cuter, but this sure beats carving... Yes, Daddy made me ride my bicycle again - but I showed him... I didn't have any fun! Then we went to the mis-named "wet lands". They should have called it the puddle lands... We did see some wild life, but don't be fooled. All I saw was a deer's behind - Daddy is playing with photoshop again...
I went to see Jan and met a new friend Mira and made some new rodent fashions. Then I apparently felt the need to do some rodent dance moves too! Sindy isn't quite as fashionable, but she's still the cutest! Bebe showed up for my birthday! Why didn't anyone tell me she was coming?!
"Little People Big World" my foot! They just have a giant chair so everyone looks little! Yes, that is Mommy and me way in the background riding the tractor/train... Daddy says "that's the beauty of being behind the camera", but I don't know what he means. I don't know what Daddy did here - I was just posing with my pumpkin.
No, I'm not trying to do anything with my hair! I'm just showing off my hamster earrings! "I wanted to get rid of the distracting background" he says - that color is pretty distracting if you ask me! But Mom did a great job with my birthday cake! Could Dad find me a hamster card? No! Did anyone else have trouble finding one? No! Tonto thought of Sindy, too!
No, I'm not showing off my earrings again... I'm blocking out the sounds of "Happy Birthday" Look at that effort! I got them all! Good thing Dad waited to take the picture until after all my attempts... "Just give me a big ol' hunk" - Melinda and Caiti can watch me eat it! A little pre-Halloween treat! I didn't go as a vampire vet though, so I didn't need these this year.
Look at how excited everyone was to play Monopoly! Mad Dog said he never played before, but guess who won... At least Sindy liked the noodle soup... If you look close, you can see me too! Happy Halloween! from Doctor Lucie and her vet assistant, Humphrey