March 2012

March 31st: March has come and gone - if only the cold, wet weather would do the same...

Look at the stars - Look how they shine for you - And all the things you did*

Boy did I get tired of wearing these stretchy little hats It was a big day when I finally got to come home from the NICU I was so excited that I took a nap on Daddy I didn't have to endure quite as many fashion shots as Lucie did as a baby, but I didn't escape completely
It isn't that I didn't trust Lucie, but was this really a good idea? I think Daddy was trying to distract you from the fact that I was a bit heavy (hey - I didn't decide how much I was eating...) Can you even believe that they would do this to me? Yeah, he was my buddy, but thank goodness Mommy and Daddy didn't go with "Elmonzo Valentino"
This month, Daddy wanted you to see that I had a killer smile... Sitting with my Mommy Just hanging out with some of my buddies Working on my core and playing with Mommy
Working out in my stander Or just hanging out in my stander showing off my cool hat Of course, sometimes I just liked to nap on Daddy (who liked to nap too apparently) I think Daddy just included this one to prove that sometimes March wasn't just cold and wet...
This is one of the famous "Mickey Mouse Ears" pictures that Mommy didn't want to hang on the wall, but Lucie and I were just having fun I had a late birthday last year - I apparently wasn't too excited about the clothes But I liked sitting with Mommy and playing with the noisy thingamajig And there's that killer smile again
Cool shades, huh? Once Daddy got the wheels on this thing it was a lot more fun to zip around the house
I don't know what Dad is whining about - look blue sky! I just wish he didn't feel compelled to take all these pictures while I'm just trying to have a good time at the park Playing with Sindy - no, there's no secret message in the Legos... or is there? I made up my own outfit
And Daddy took me to the rock and gem show at the fairgrounds and then to the Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks & Minerals Then he felt compelled to keep taking pictures - but I guess I showed him! Notice anything different?  No, the goofy expression is pretty much normal... I went out hunting for frogs - it was too cold for them, but I was clearly in denial...
Rock Food - from the rock and gem show Fluorescent rocks at the Rice Museum - you have to wait for the glow... I call this "Peacock Rock" and I don't care what Daddy says it is really called... Daddy took this picture of me and the "Alma Rose" - that is Rhodochrosite!

* "Yellow" by Cold Play