June 2012

June 30th: The new look doesn't make it to the monthly pages (at least not yet)

This month we're going for a whole new look for the site's main page.  The monthly page remains largely unchanged.  In addition to looking all spiffy and new, it probably has a few bugs, too!  (At no extra charge!)

Someone told me that it was Junuary... alledgedly summer is here, but really it is still cold and wet.  That is probably a little bit harsh, but maybe not too far off the mark.

Never-the-less, Lucie held her garage sale and the weather worked out with sun and 80-degree weather and she made a tidy sum to donate to B.E.A.T.

Lucie and Caroline also made their way to Chicago at the end of June and left me at home to try to finish the new desk as well as the web site changes.


What did you do to the web site, Dad!? The yard sale was a big success - Lucie made big bucks for B.E.A.T. In fact, she was so excited, she had to do 'The Robot'... She did get a little distracted during the afternoon...
We have baby birds in a nest in one of our hanging baskets I tried to get another picture when they were a little older... but Mom and Dad have gotten pretty protective so I didn't have much time Ok - take your time and try to identify the trouble maker in the line up...
Watch as Lucie tries the old tablecloth trick! I am so jealous that Luice and Maria got to see the Mythbuster's exhibit, complete with duct tape boat. They also got to go to the pool - how does Lucie just hang up in the air like that? At the top of the Sears, excuse me - Willis, Tower - but who is that kid in Orange?
Apparently it is loud when floating over the city of Chicago... Voguing for the camera I took a little of the time that Caroline and Lucie were away to finish the desk. Harry's hydrangea finally started blooming...