January 2012

January 29th: Another new design for the web site in 2012 - the more things change, the more they stay the same... But now you can see it all in archives!

And maybe someday we'll figure all this out - try to put an end to all our doubt - and try to find a way to make things better*

I just don't even know what to say about this - Daddy says he had nothing to do with this picture... But he still dragged me out in the snow... I don't know why all these animals are here with me. And I still don't think the bus driver joke is funny.
I guess Mommy and Daddy thought putting stuff like this on my head was funny... Happy Birthday, Daddy! More animals?  I sense a theme... Happy Birthday, Mommy!
Wait a minute... this animal picture is in the wrong place! And I guess this is the beginning of my "Harry on the floor series"... That's right, TC, I'm on the floor again! In addition to being on the floor, I'm working on my Lyle Lovett do...
Ha! Fooled you! I'm in my stander! Oh come on... the floor again?! Maybe I can pull myself up... Guess not...
I guess I'll just have to hide behind the curtains then! Yes! I get to swing instead! Well, I guess the Boppy is a little better than the floor... Dang!  The floor again!
Bebe helped me with my acting - I actually took direction for a little while! Then I amazed Bebe with my magical abilities!  Your color is... red! Don't I look cute?  Just wait a few seconds.... Yes, I did put this outfit together all by myself...
This was our first snow of the year - it didn't last long. But Daddy took some nice "art shots" - here's one... And I got to eat snow cream! Yum! Train cake for Daddy's birthday!
I made Daddy a place mat!  He's such a messy eater...  Just kidding - It is a collection of poems! Sindy and Daisy having a short meet and greet (hopefully Daisy isn't hungry... wouldn't want it to become a meet and greet and eat!) Can you believe we're still working on that train cake?! This is my first diorama!  Little blue penguins in their nest!
Our second snow of the year was a bit more serious... But you gotta love that indoor pool! As long as your instructor isn't pushing you into the water... I'm working on my creature cuisine designs...
She sure loves her dust bath!  I might like my bath better if Mommy let me spray water all over the place! I don't know what Daddy means by "Just be glad you can't hear her rendition of Justin Bieber's 'Baby'" Daddy made Mommy a gluten free birthday cake... what is the deal with only one candle this year? I'm working on my escape skills!  First the horizontal cage bars - then when my abs are strong enough... the vertical prison yard (I mean "play pen") bars!

* "Someday" by Rob Thomas