October 2011

We miss you, Harry - Mommy says Harry is thinking he is glad he can be an angel for Halloween this year instead of a hip hop hamster - I don't know what she is talking about...

Do you remember what I was for my first Halloween?  I was about a week and a half old!  That's what!  For my second Halloween (2004) I was a bunny. 2005: Next I was a bear. 2006: Apparently I didn't get out of my first Halloween... I was a duck, or is that a chicken? 2006: This was the last year Mommy got to decide what I was for Halloween... a cute little ladybug!
2007: Now this is more like it... a ferocious tiger for Halloween! 2007: I'm a ladybug witch!  And next year I really put Mommy to work... 2008: Oh great... now I'm a monkey... can I go back to being a tiger? 2008: Now I'm really making up my own costume ideas... I'm a blue wing ling hawk!
2009: Super Sir Harry Elton John Potter! 2009: Someone (who shall remain nameless) got me this cool dragon mask... "all" Mom had to do was make the rest of the outfit! 2010: What the?  Paul who? and what is this this contraption on my chair? 2010: Yes, I did make Harry go as one of the last living Beetles (no, not Beatles, beetles - you can't really see the wings, but you can see his antennae)
Oh when I was young and not yet subjected to the joys of Halloween... My first trip the pumpkin patch - was I stylish or what?! Just hanging out I don't know what was going on here... didn't they know it was cold in October?  Why am I on the floor with nothing on?
Please pick me up... I'll give you a big hug! Glasses on - glasses off - glasses on - glasses off again... come on people, make up your minds! Riding on Butterscotch... Yeah, that's hilarious... what was Mommy trying to say about my head?
Another trip to the pumpkin patch... I know what comes next... Oh yeah - that joke just never gets old... You can find my slideshow here
I'm practicing sitting quietly... I need a lot more practice! Daddy finished mounting Harry's celebration tiles and hung them on the stairs Another birthday for me?  Is this some kind of annual event? Before we get to my presents, first we have to celebrate Sindy's birthday which just happens to coincide with mine!
Maybe my tastes are too predictable!  I still love the shirt! And this is a picture of my necklace, even if most of you are looking at my hair... Mom came through on the birthday cake again! Caiti came over for my birthday too!
Dad didn't have a good picture of Tonto's presents, but this is what the Jelly Bellies did to my teeth!  (Dad says the dentist bill will be in the mail, whatever that means...) Of course I got more stuffed animals for my birthday! Bebe and TC came out to visit for (and after) my birthday - they even got a couple of nice days! Bebe was trying to explain fashion modeling to me, but I'm not sure I got the look quite right...
It is Woly the Wing Walking Woolly Worm in Winnie World! I vant to suck your blood! Oh no, wait... this isn't Halloween... I just lost a tooth! Happy Halloween from the Kia Soul Hip Hop Hamstar!