January 2011

January 31st: We had two birthdays this month for which we actually have pictures this year

Harry decided to play peek-a-boo by hiding under the family room door drapes... We finally set up Harry's new upright swing - fortunately Santa's frame still works for this one too!
I made my own "Angry Birds" t-shirt!  I hope nobody's lawyers come lookin' for me...
Happy birthday to you - Happy birthday to you - Happy birthday dear Daddy -
Happy birthday to you!
Sure, Daddy could have fixed my red eye, but then I wouldn't match Rudolph! Here I am before I went to the hospital...  I finally had to break my streak and get admitted again Here I am back from the hopsital...  I don't really look any worse for wear do I? Happy birthday, Mom!  My present to you was to get back out of the hospital in time for you to come home and open this present from your sister...  What is all that stuff?

Daddy made Mommy a flourless chocolate cake for her birthday... but he forgot the candles!
Look!  A picture of a picture that has been blown up and printed on canvas and then shrunk down again to be put on the web...  I'm so confused... I'm still kind of down, but I'm trying to work up the energy to whap the crap out of these!
Yes, I still have a bad attitude about getting my picture taken when I don't happen to want to pose...  When is Daddy ever going to figure out the rules?
It was actually pleasant enough to get out for one quick ride in January... They promised a whole week of sun, but that never happened!