December 2011

We miss you, Harry

If Daddy was really clever, he would have a "2011 year in review"... but he isn't that clever

My first Christmas and already with the silly hat! Stuff for me from a big sock?  What is up with that? I don't know what Daddy was thinking - this is not my best look... I was much cuter like this!
I guess I'm supposed to feel better because Mommy is wearing a silly hat too this year My hipster phase... Was short lived - hard to look cool in polar bear pajamas on a cow couch... Presents for me again?  What is this - some kind of annual thing?
Hey, Lucie, how do we get out of these silly hats? On the floor again! I still don't get the whole giant sock thing - is that for me or Lucie? I don't care about the presents, I just like sitting with Mommy
Again?!  I guess I better just embrace the silliness! I still don't understand this time of year - apparently it is ok to make a giant mess now... normally Mommy would be picking all this stuff up... I got a really cool swing for Christmas this year Ah yes, the traditional Christmas bowling alley visit - little known fact that Mary and Joseph stopped for a few quick frames on their way to the manger...
I think we need to get the biggest tree possible... preferably one that Daddy will have to carry a long way! Come on, Dad!  Get in the spirit - where's your silly hat? Cool close up, huh?  Really Daddy was just playing with a new zoom lens... Merry Christmas, Lucie!
You can find my slideshow here
Tigger (and Lucie) presided over the hamster wedding ceremony - complete with donut wedding cake... This year, Daddy and I picked out the tree and Mommy and I decorated it You can see the whole in the background of another picture - this is just the "artistic" ornaments collection picture... Yes, that really is Sindy the reindeer pulling a tiny sled...
This is just me modeling my new line of fashion wear... Weather-wise, this was a really nice December (at least up until Christmas) Apparently Lucie likes Sindy more than Mom and Dad like Bob... Christmas morning at last!
Hey!  I can be charming!  Why are you so surprised?! I made Mom a quilt for Christmas - Dad helped assemble it, but I did all the design! Lucie's quilt for Mom Skyping with Bebe and TC...  what could be more Christmassy?
I told you the tree was in the background somewhere...  oh yeah - and Lucie in her new penguin hat! Dad got Mom a locket - I'm just helping her put it on... Merry Christmas from Lucie, Bob, and Sindy There is a reason I usually look silly for the camera... now what could it be?
The Magnificent Lucie will now perform her next trick! Aunt Maggie came to visit - I was my usual charming self... Daddy calls this one "OK, Lucie - one more try... please cooperate this time!" Nothing says Christmas like a rapping rat... (you may have to wait depending on your connection (don't forget to turn on the sound (and it probably won't work on an iDevice...)))