April 2011

April 30th: April has been another tough month... Unfortunately, we're back in the hospital.

Don't let the sun glasses fool you... We really haven't had nice weather this Spring... See, the sun is shining, but even I'm wearing a heavy coat! Daddy did some work on my birthday present - the lights don't work, but the gears turn when I press the button, and I get to hear "The Hamster Dance!" Of course, this month brings Easter and we all have to wear our ears!
I'm not sure about what I just heard...  We're supposed to do what? I'm doing so well this season, I can play with one arm tied behind my back! Wear our ears!?  I was really hoping Lucie said drink our beers... The master craftsperson at work... here we see a duo-tone egg...
And here, of course, is the ever popular "Mdec portrait" egg... I'm all about the product placement...  I'm enjoying a story on the iPad. I actually did have a little fun during some of my games this season... My new saddle is pretty cool!  I actually got to ride in my horse show this time!
Ever the optimist - I'm going to get this thing to fly no matter what Daddy says! I hope the Easter Bunny doesn't see this! I did manage to get out of my room and visit the court yard briefly... I don't know what the deal is with the Buddha bird... The Easter Bunny came!  I got to look for a lot of eggs and I got a big stash of candy!
Some of the eggs that the Easter Bunny "hid" really weren't too hard to find! The Easter Bunny "hid" some eggs in Harry's room too!  I don't think he was really excited about it though... If you had a duck on your head, you would want your identity protected too... Lucie did her best Easter Bunny Helper impression, but I've had better Easters...