September 2010

September 29th: Daddy's sabbatical is already just about over - where did the time go?

We went to the State Fair and I got Mommy to ride several rides with me! (Daddy is a big wuss...) He didn't help me win any cool prizes either :-( We also went to the circus!  It really was the greatest show on earth! See... I was enjoying the circus so much that I didn't make a face while Daddy tried to get my picture!
I don't think Daddy wants to quit his job and try this one instead... But, this would be really cool!  Maybe Daddy will let me try to get up on the porch this way! I liked the circus more than this picture would imply...  I was just tired by the time it was over and was in no mood for pictures... I'm off to my first day of 1st Grade!
I went back to school too! As usual, there really no explaantion for this... The soccer season got off to a rough start... no jerseys for the first game (an no pictures either) and then we got to play the second game in the rain... This might look like a haunted house, but it is really a new home for my lizards...
The third game of the season was spectacular!  And I had a great assist, getting the ball up the field so my team could score! I'm going to have to practice more at the skating rink before I try again in our neighborhood... there isn't any level ground... I'm just hanging out... We also went to the zoo in time to see the dinosaur exhibit!
This one didn't try to spit on us, so Daddy was able to take a picture... I really liked the penguins... But the big bear was really friendly - I couldn't believe he was just running around loose in the zoo :-) Daddy finally came to see me drive the power chair!  I tried to run into him, but he kept getting away...
Look at how tall I am when I stand up!  Oh, and that is quite the view from Shriners... OK, Daddy, you can put me back down - I've seen everything I need to see... Daddy almost forgot to include these...  We had these taken at the State Fair dinosaur exhibit - I was afraid he might be trying to feed me to that thing, and Lucie always wanted to hatch from an egg... And this one came from the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus... don't worry, it isn't a real elephant!