March 2010

March 28th: Daddy went ahead and updated the web site a little early this month - lots of pictures from our trip!

I lost my first tooth!  (I don't really know why the dinosaur head is in the picture...) I guess Daddy was as tired as I was... I'm working on my swimming style for the summer... Hanging out in the park in my new shades - where are the babes?
Working on my song and dance number in the park... Daddy was finally able to bust open my geode... and then use PhotoShop to make it look really cool! We're on our way to Disney World! We started with the African Safari in Animal Kingdom...
We saw my favorite animal - the giraffe! But, of course, I was mostly excited about seeing Bebe... Then, Mommy and Daddy go to see how well Disney emergency response worked and the Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital... (everything worked out OK) I stayed at the Animal Kingdom with Bebe and TC...
I got my picture with Pooh (and Eeyore and Tigger too!) Yum!  Funnel cake!  (What could be better than powdered sugar?) I saw some more characters - if Mommy and Daddy ever let me watch anything, I might have known who some of them were... The next day in the Magic Kingdom, we started the day with a parade!
Then we saw the Country Bear Jamboree - it was pretty darn silly! Here we are after Splash Mountain - Mommy got soaked!  I don't know why I'm making this face... And here we are experiencing fine dining in the great outdoors...  hot dogs and chips! It's a Small World After All...  It's a Small World After All...  It's a Small World After All...  It's a Small World After All...  (stuck in your head yet?)
Here I am looking at the inside of Cinderella's castle And here is the outside... Daddy picked me up so I could see the show going on in front of the castle - again, I didn't know any of the characters... Here we are getting ready for the main parade!
Who are Mickey and Minnie Mouse again? I got my mouse ears!  (and there is that face again...) I had a much better day at Magic Kingdom!  I don't know what happened yesterday... Here we are at Epcot on day three - Lucie didn't want the Mickey Mouse ice cream, but she wanted me to have one... (it was tasty!)
Here we are with Chip and Dale (Chip has the dark nose, like a chocolate chip, and Dale is the good looking one...) I hung out with Bebe and TC while Lucie and Daddy went on the Test Track ride... After the Test Track, I had to cool off in the car wash... What is "American Gothic"?
Day 4 - back to the Animal Kingdom!  I liked it best, but also Mommy, Daddy, and Harry didn't get to see most of it on the first day... I hung out with Tigger (and Pooh and Eeyore) while Lucie took Mommie and Daddy on her favorite ride in the time travel car... When we went back on the safari, the rhinos wanted to make sure I was OK this time, so they came right over to the truck... It is late in day four at this point - did Daddy think we would really cooperate for a picture?
TC gave me a break from the chair while everyone else went shopping... So many animals to choose from... Daddy must have gotten this one out of order...  before we left, we went to the petting zoo part of the park and I got to see the goats! I got my mouse ears too!  And I'm not doing that weird thing with my lips that Lucie does!
We're back from Disney World - I thought I'd dress up for the park! Mommy took us to the mall to see the Easter Bunny! Then Mommy and Daddy thought they'd try to get one more picture of the two of us with our ears on...