July 2010

July 31st: What a come back!  July 4th fireworks!  Going to Georgia!  Harry rolling over!  Trail Riding!  The County Fair!  Lots of exclamation points!

I know what you're thinking, but this is a cleanroom mask... Oh boy... the Fourth of July... look at me in my "patriotic" monkey shirt... Ach du lieber!  Coats for fireworks on the Fourth of July! Now I'm really excited about going to see the fireworks...
Ooh... aah... Oregon law doesn't allow fireworks that actually shoot up into sky... Look, Harry!  A sparkler! Now this is more like summer!  Hanging out on the deck... All the cool kids want to hang out at our house because we have a pool!
The day of the big carnival finally arrives!  Mommy was really excited because she finally got to clean this mess up after the carnival... Maybe Lucie went a little too fast for this one... Stylish and functional... my new vest helps me sit up straight! (just what every kid wishes for... better posture...) Dad!  You were supposed to use the green screen and show everyone how good I am at surfing the big waves...
Will we ever get to the water?! Uh oh... now Daddy is starting to play with Photoshop again... Daddy would just like to point out that he is not responsible for this picture... I'm helping Bebe decorate the bird feeder so that more birds will come.
Do you see me in this picture?  No!  Daddy just wanted to show off his picture taking skill at the baseball game we went to... As you can see, I was riveted by the game... But, I did get to see Nate the Gnat again! I wore Bebe out at the swimming pool...
I couldn't figure out how to do a back flip though... Come on TC... you can get me going faster than that! What do you mean you don't think Tybee will pay good money to use me in their ads?  Why not? Look, Mom... I don't just just "explode" all over at home - I can make a mess anywhere!
Ahh... wine time!  And just to be clear, I only get juice with my crackers... and I don't know what Daddy did with Photoshop to make me look like this... Ha ha! Now I can get into real trouble!  If only I can figure out what to do next... Hey now, what happens in Georgia is suppose to stay in Georgia! We did finally catch a lizard after Daddy went home! (actually we caught two or three eventually)
If you're quiet and bush-like, the lizards will just crawl right over you... Yes... I know... I'm adorable in my new crocodile shirt... but who's big toe is that? This may look like a scene from "The Birds" but really I'm just having fun feeding the seagulls! I guess it was my turn... Hopefully no one will encourage Daddy's "artistic" efforts...
If you had had as little sleep as we have had, you would think things were funny too... I don't understand why Daddy is glad that I only want to brush the horse and not starting riding... I got to go on my first trail ride today! Hey!  I'm up here on the horse!  Why is everyone looking the other way?
I had a great time riding and seeing the scenery... I really enjoyed it to - can't you tell? Riding always wears me out... Now this is what I call horse back riding!  After a morning trip for trail rides, we spent the afternoon at the county fair!
We came so close to winning a totally cheesy prize! Lucie says Daddy taught her a new word on this ride...  do you know what "nauseating" means? Mommy said this ride was fun - I think Daddy was jealous... I didn't get to hold a lizard, but I did get to hold a giant snake and an American alligator!
I wish I could have gone on this one with Lucie.  She looked like she was having a great time even though she had to sit with someone she didn't know... Daddy says he's never taking me to the track to pick horses.  I don't know what he's talking about. Everyone had fun at the fair, but now it is time for Red Robin! I don't get any respect... this is not funny!