February 2010

February 28th: Lots of pictures this month... and Daddy squeaked another one in under the wire!

I'm talkin' to my homey, Bebe, on the phone... Daddy gave us some awesome "ink"! I'm ready for Xanadu! I'm getting good at this horse riding thing!  But I don't understand why Gran keeps telling me to say "pony"...
It's me, Hannoe!  Hannah Montana's personal assistant! It is so cool that I get something for Harry's birthday too... It isn't a new toy for my birthday, but it is still cool Check out my cake!  Mom didn't make it gluten free though...
A party for me?!  You really didn't have to go to all this trouble, Mom... A new hat?!  Now I can look like Mad Dog! And new books too!  Now Daddy will have something else to read to me... It is good to be the king!
I couldn't tell you why I needed a word balloon, but this way you can see me singing my Hannah Montana song... Look, it is me and Daddy! And me and Gran and Lucie! That's enough of Harry for a minute!  I made a fly boat for Ming Ming!
Hey!  Stop butting in Lucie!  Here's me and Mommy! And finally, me and my new doggy (the kind that doesn't make a mess in the house or need to go for walks...) I seem to have forgotten everything I figured out about skating... But watch me spin on this thing!  (wait for it - I really will start moving if you wait long enough)
Admit it - I'm adorable, right? It really was a spectacular day at the park... We were supposed to count to 100, so I did it with Roman numerals! See?  This is how my family looks to me!  Now do you understand why I act like I do?!
Daddy took me to see "Walking with Dinosaurs" and it was really great!  Can you even spot the little man-sized blob in the picture with the dinosaurs? Check out my new shades!  Automatic coolness!