August 2010

August 31st: Another exciting month!  Fun at home, at the coast, in Chicago, camping in the backyard, and finally a water park...  What could be better?! (and Daddy still got the web site updated on time :-))

I'm working on my thank you note for Candi and Dennis for my new dinosaur finds... The rest of thouse looks pretty much the same (only fresher) but the door is a new color... It was the grand opening of Lucie's Fine Fashions and the line was around the block! Now I'm the bowling ball!
This doesn't seem quite like the beach in Georgia... what are all those sweatshirts? I'm making the most of my day at the beach - I don't care what anyone else says... Daddy said the camera wouldn't even focus on Haystack Rock because of the fog... Lucie wanted to pose with the unknown "man of the sea", but I'm just beat...
A quick stop at the Tillamook Cheese Factory for some ice cream before heading home... Could I be the new advertisement for Home Depot? Lucie and Maria perform Lucie's version of "Jailhouse Rock"! Naturally, I was the star of my own show!
Cheerio wants to say "hello" to Harry and Mom. Really I had a good time visiting my cousins... even Andrew... Daddy couldn't figure out what Jack was doing on the Wii either... My cousins have a really cool park right near their house!
There was even stuff for me to do at their park! I'm afraid Daddy was getting a little out of hand though... I don't think we can all ride this thing at once. I can climb the trees here!
I really liked Cheerio, but I don't think Cheerio liked me quite as much... We also went to the Field Museum while we were in Chicago... We got to see Sue, the largest T-Rex in the world! I don't think there is any resemblence between Lucy and myself...
Look!  I can make Daddy do all kinds of crazy things in the pool!  And working with Maria, we can really wear him down... I didn't have as much fun at the pool as Lucie did, but I got to hang out in the shade and relax... I got to fly the plane on the way home!  OK, so Harry and I just got to see the cockpit after the flight, but I can tell whatever story I want... Daddy let us camp out in the backyard after we got home (and he remembered to turn off the sprinklers so we didn't have any early morning surprises...)
We ended the month by taking a quick trip to Great Wolf Lodge where I had a great time in the water! I lost my tooth while we were there too, but I brought it home so the Tooth Fairy could find it tonight... Harry didn't like the water quite as much as I did, but he did have some fun, and I got Mommy to go across the lily pads too! There was a little to do at the Lodge outside of the water park...