September 2009

September 27th: Ha! Daddy updated the web site way early this month!

Lucie gets ready for the first day of kindergarten... "believe it or not, I wore a skirt!" Harry returned to school after a long break too... "I think my teacher is more excited about it than I am..." One of the many silly things Daddy did for me this month... "I had to be a mighty knight with only a shield - no shovel (I mean, sword) for me!" My first soccer game! Look at me go!
I'm not afraid to get in there and get that ball any more... Woohoo! I know this is really all about Lucie month, but don't forget me! On our first camp out night, we made Smores - mine was pretty tasty even though Mommy caught my marshmellow on fire...
Lucie and I really roughed it... 5 feet from the back door with couch cushions and an air mattress... (the second night was rougher - 45 degrees...) I decided to go with a somewhat minimalist jungle scene for my first Forest Grove Chalk Art Festival entry Game 2 - I was all over it! Daddy could have gotten a better picture... that's not #6 scoring a goal while I watch, that's me scoring a goal under #6's foot!
In silly thing #3 for Daddy this month, we competed in the Corn Roast "obstacle course" - this is the sack race, frisbee toss portion of the course... What can I say? So the angle may be a little confusing, but this is the patio Daddy built under the deck... I helped put in the little black blocks! I decided to dress it up a little for game 3 (look at my hair...)
Game 3 got a little bit rougher... but I got up and just kept playing! Darn it! I keep forgetting to take the glasses off when I'm in my super hero outfit!