May 2009

May 30th: May didn't start off well, but it finished with a big splash!

Lucie got to go to Uncle Jeff's wedding and spend time with Maria Harry got to spend time in the PICU Look, Maria, this is how I can mess up Mommy's iPhone! Yes, Lucie wore a dress for the wedding and even agreed to be in the wedding (good job with the "Lucie in the Sky with Diamonds" CD, Jeff)
Lucie enjoyed dancing (doing Daddy's elementary bunny dance) Mmm... cake... Lucie and the band - hopefully not a foreshadow of future groupie behavior... It was just a quick trip to Dallas for the wedding, but Lucie is ready to go home
Harry finally moved out of the PICU after Mommy and Lucie returned from Dallas Bebe came to help out - Lucie had such a good time at the wedding that the animals got married too! Harry returned home! Lucie has discovered the mirror - though mostly she just hams it up...
Being sick can really wear a guy out... Lucie enjoys yet another hot day in May... And then proceeds to put on long, flannel pajamas to do arts and crafts with Bebe Your pick
1) Yeah, I'm OK - you can go home
2) Who me? Hic! I have not had too much to drink! Hic!
Lucie continues her anthropological studies... Come on, Lucie, just one picture with Bebe before she goes home... Now she wants to ham it up for the camera again... Just a field of clover on the way to work...
Lucie has a Memorial Day party (yes, Lucie - the anti-social one) Harry just hangs out... Lucie prepares to lead her parade (without the drum or the flag... oh well) And here she comes around the neighborhood
Happy Memorial Day!
Photographic proof that Lucie did actually play with other children! Harry, on the other hand, just couldn't stand any more excitement... Lucie's spelling list... OK - so it isn't a BIG splash, but it was another hot sunny May day...