March 2009

March 30th: Ha! Daddy gets the monthly update done a day early!

Lucie is almost too big for the mall play area... No, it is not December again - it snowed in March... Harry gets a new chair and table at which to play. What am I doing in this fancy dress? (Oh yeah, and you can see the new cabinet Mommy and Daddy chose to put where the built in desk used to be...)
This looks more like me! And here I am taking a picture of the ceiling... Can you tell that Daddy had to play with Photoshop again? I wish I could stop them from doing stuff like this to me... An art shot taken by Lucie - and Daddy didn't do any touch up in Photoshop!
Unlike his own art shot which required some serious work... Working out in my stander again! I can't seem to convince anyone to play with me... Check out my new hat and penguin!
And this is my new platypus!