June 2009

June 30th: Harry decided to start throwing curve balls at the end of the month, but otherwise it was pretty quiet

Gwen and Lucie look marvelous (that's a fancy word for fancy) Lucie graduated from pre-school! Lucie (the cat) and Harry (the... well, just Harry) Lucie at the new park (yes Daddy gets nervous every time Lucie climbs up there)
Lucie in her natural habitat (wearing pajamas that is, not going to bed...) Lucie's garden is actually growing pretty well Can you guess which ceiling fan Mommy picked out and which one Lucie picked out? Is it mild mannered Harry Carriker or "Look - up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Super Harry!"?
An art shot compliments of Lucie - Harry taking a horsey ride... Lucie puts on a show for Mark and Maggie Dad! Let me finish my story! Lucie at the petting zoo
Lucie took this picture of the elephants This was on her camera too, but I don't think she took her own picture with the penguins... We might have to explain the concept of "zooming in" to Lucie... but there is a giraffe there. Lucie introduces Mark to the concept of an elephant ear... he says he got about half of it, but I don't believe it.
Two hippopatumuses (don't try to tell Lucie otherwise) Hey! All I can see is this wall! Lucie got to take a train ride at the zoo too... This is not a zoo animal - this is just another Lucie art shot...