February 2009

February 28th: It was a big month for Harry - he turned three and started school!

Lucie creates her first Rube Goldberg contraption... Do I really have to put up with these things? Lucie works on her plate art while Roar practices his guitar. OK, now I look like some kind of coffee house hipster...
Hanging out with my friend, Cookie Monster. Lucie was supposed to share Harry's birthday sundae with Daddy, but what do you think happened? Mommy tries to get Harry to try a little birthday cake... Fortunately, Lucie was ready to eat Harry's share along with her own!
Gran came to visit for Harry's birthday Caiti and Lucie playing with Lucie's Christmas present... Then it was time for Harry's birthday presents... Look at that haul - and that is "Junior", not "Monkay" - Harry has his own now.
Lucie went to Caiti's bowling party! Harry gets ready for his first day at school... Which appeared to be quite the party! Harry driving the power chair - watch out or he'll run right over your toes!