April 2009

April 29th: April was a busy month!

If Mommy wants me to take a nap, why is she shining that bright light in my face? What a production for eight little eggs! Oh stop it! You know I'm cute - I know I'm cute - enough with the pictures already! Ham and eggs! Get it? I'm hamming it up for the camera... sometimes I'm so funny I can't help myself :-)
I'm just relaxing on the couch in my cool Australia t-shirt Where as I'm running around in the yard (in my PJs no less) like a looney tune with my Platypus from Australia! OK, now tell me what the next panel says Behind the scenes at Lucie's Big Puppet Show
Easter morning! Yes, we're all in our Easter best outfits! So the Easter Bunny didn't make finding the eggs too hard this year... Rice Crispy treats (with chocolate and sprinkles!) are much better than eggs! Hey! Make this duck stop tickling me!
Lucie goes to park and works on jumping off things! Can you believe we already had a pool day!? One... Then it got cold and rainy again :-( Lucie and her class at the tadpole pond Now this is the way I like to see the play area... empty!
We went to see the tulip festival! Mommy and Daddy took a "few" pictures... Here we are with the tulips... Harry really like the orange ones! Can you imagine a world with three Lucies!? Pretty scary, huh? Of course, this sight is even scarier!
Daddy sitting with Harry in the tulips, introducing Lucie to an elephant ear, giving Lucie a ride, and going for a ride with Lucie on the cow train! Somehow Mommy got hold of the camera and didn't get in as many pictures, but here she is with Harry in the tulips and with Lucie at the duckie races