September 2008

September 30th: Daddy squeaks in another month... don't forget to check out Lucie's site

This was a great September! I got to spend lots of time in the pool! (Don't ask about the wash cloth...) Yeah, September was great... it was hot so I just slept! See - resting again! Who has time to rest!? I had art projects to do!
And more playing to do outside! OK... so this one is hard to explain, and I'll probably regret it later when I start dating... Lucie Hawk hiding in her nest Just trying out my goggles in the safety of the bath tub!
One last time in the pool on September 30th at 7pm! It was actually a little cold even for me... OK, so the big deal this month was the construction... Not my best look, but the mark on my chin is proof that I'm mobile enough to hurt myself now...