October 2008

October 31st: Even though Bebe and Aunt Maggie didn't provide any pictures from the first part of the month (no really - the "camera" messed up the pictures) lots of birthday pictures for October...

See, Bebe was here - but where's Aunt Maggie? I'm ignoring Mommy & Daddy... but I forgave them pretty fast Monkey Man! (I'm getting ready for Halloween) Just demonstrating Lucie's magnetic personality
Sometimes Lucie is not in the mood to ham it up... But I'm all for pictures! Daddy helped me decorate cupcakes for my party at school It appears Lucie will ham it up with Daddy even if she won't do it for Daddy
I am not a balloon! I am a balloon Now this is the life! I should always be the queen! Sharing my Red Robin birthday sundae with my new buddy
Whatever... I'm just gonna take a nap Hey! I'm wearing the monkey shirt again! What is up with that? Lucie is 5 and the papparazzi is really getting to her Somebody went on a trip and all I got was this t-shirt!
The partially complete blue wing-ling hawk costume is a bit disturbing in the middle of the night... Here we are ready for Halloween The rare pink skinned blue feathered wing-ling hawk prepares for flight! Hawk (Lucie) and Butterfly (Skyler) ready for a sugar rush...
I could have been more creative with the montage, but you really don't want to see the construction anyway (but the elevator actually works now)

The big birthday party