June 2008

July 3rd: Lots of pictures from the trip to Austin - what a party place! (and don't give Daddy a hard time about being late - he tried to update the web site right away...)

The Prima Ballerina prepares... Then puts on Dad's Texas shirt? (helps cut down on the paparazzi...) Be careful of what you let Lucie talk you into... Climbing the walls in Austin waiting for the surprise party...
Relaxing with Dad after a morning of "Extreme Fun!" There were lots of people there for Mad Dog's party All the Shapard kids showed up... Lucie wore her fabulous party dress!
Both Harrys attended too! (oh yeah, and so did Maggie and Gwen...) Look - Daddy got creative and put the caption right on the picture... I went pimmin' in the pimmin' pool (though I can actually say "swimming"...) How does Mommy levitate like that?
Harry wasn't ready for any big bounces, but he liked the trampoline too... You have to be careful on the trampoline plains - packs of wild children have been known to take down full grown adults... What do you mean Maria's the princess? I thought that was my job... But I couldn't find a crown... does this hat make me look more like a politician or a rapper?
Most people think "going for a spin" requires a car, but I actually like to just spin! Back to the "Extreme Fun!" with our cousins - Daddy didn't even retouch this picture - it just looked cool to begin with... At the pool, Jack presided over the activities & Maria pointed out water beetles (the filter could have been more effective) but I just swam. Yeah! Another party! More cake!
OK, so maybe I partied too hard in Austin...