July 2008

August 2nd: Again, Daddy is a little late, but he was still in Georgia at the end of July...

I didn't get to go to the beach, so I'm just hanging out... At least I can pretend I'm paddling out on my surf board... Lucie wins at Pretty Pretty Princess again... Mommy takes Lucie to the zoo - at puts her with the other animals!
Practicing for the beach... I wish Daddy would stop flashing that light in my eyes - the necklace just isn't that cute... How can I spread these blocks all over the floor? Mommy didn't want Daddy to include these in the web site, so he got "artistic" with them...
Daddy and I on the plane to Georgia! Shuckin' corn in the garage? When do I get to go to the beach? I'm ready to go! Now we have to mess with parking?!
I finally get my toes in the sand and now you want me to wait for sunscreen? Finally! Into the water! And I'm ready to get out again! Meanwhile... in California - I'm just hanging out
That's right - keep Bailey away from me and make sure I still have all my fingers! Lucie starts to walk all over Tonto - literally! Check out my new shades! (Daddy had to get me new ones since I threw a fit about bringing my old ones with me...) Art time with Bebe!
Story time with TC! Daddy's "art shot" of Bebe and TC's backyard... Good thing Bebe got me the kit for building reptiles... it sure kept Daddy busy! I climbed all 178 steps to the top of the Tybee lighthouse!
It was hot! (But I made it to the top and back down again on my   own!) Be careful doing what I tell you to do - Daddy might put it on the web... Sure, I could go back to the beach, but there's a hose right here in the backyard... Sure, it is a token picture of me, but I'll take it - maybe Daddy will take some of me while Lucie is still in Georgia for next month's website!