February 2008

March 1st: Even with an extra day in February, he's still late... Oh well, at least there are some new pictures!

We had one last "big" snow in February! More sliding on the hill... Hey! Daddy you forgot to include me or Harry in the picture! I went a little stir crazy being stuck in the house! Mommy and I had to help Harry blow out his candles.
Yeah! I'm two! I still don't know about this "frosting" stuff... Everyone else in the family seems to like it though! He's not kidding - yum! frosting! Opening birthday presents took awhile - good thing Lucie was here to help!
A rare photo of Lucie taking a nap... More birthday stuff for me... This is why we don't try to have family pictures very often... I got my new wheels! Seriously high tech stuff... now I've got to work on racing stripes!
Unfortunately for Lucie, Daddy's camera is really fast... Don't you wish you knew what I was thinking right now Sure it looks like a picture of Movie Star Mommy, but really it is a picture of Daddy and me - you just have to look closely... Just hanging out with my birthday balloons and my new buddy, Harry the penguin...