October 2007

October 31st: Halloween night! And Lucie's birthday! And another exclamation point! Daddy actually finished this update on Halloween, but Comcast had to go and "improve" things and break his ability to make updates...

Yeah - I know I look good! What? I don't know why we're already wearing Halloween shirts, Harry... Gotta get the house ready for my birthday!
All for me?! What's everyone else going to eat? Do I know how to dress for a birthday party at school, or what? Why yes - I do know I'm a little princess! Scrubbed and ready for the Build-a-Bear operating table!
This is why you don't give your 4 year old the camera (Daddy was nice enough to disguise the person silly enough to do this) This year we went to a much smaller pumpkin patch than last year Mommy used Harry as the model for our Jack-o-Lantern Or does it look more like me?
Ok, but don't drop me, Lucie! Daddy says I'm going to regret pictures like this later, but I don't know why... Stop it! Just stop it! Let me sleep! Ladybug? - Witch? - Witch Ladybug!
Just Tigger for me, thanks... Look at the pictures I took with Mommy's camera!