June 2007

June 30th: We had lots of fun in June!

I don't know why Daddy included this one - what do you think? Maybe if I play with these things Mommy will take off my glasses... Oh yeah - I'm excited about posing for this picture... I'm sitting on the front porch just-a swangin'!
What?! I'm awake! Sure I look cute, but I'm thinking about flinging these colors across the room... So Daddy goes to work and plays with one of these things all day? What's the big deal? Oh great... Now she want's to be in the picture... my picture that is!
Oh no - now Daddy's trying to be "artistic" At least I look pretty good in black and white... Mommy says this makes Lucie look like the Joker's daughter... I don't get what Lucie likes about these slide things!
We went to Hood River to ride on Thomas the Tank Engine! I got to feed the goats at the petting zoo... But I expected Thomas to be a little bit bigger than this! Whew! We got to see and ride on the "real" Thomas too...
Whatever - I just wanted to take a nap... The Artiste at work - Now I can get some serious splatter going! And the most fun of all? I got to go to the dentist! It was great! This is the life - kickin' back on the couch and watching a little TV...
Look at me! I'm the bionic woman! What is the sun doing out? It isn't July 4th yet... Lucie's "Wall O' Art" Guess what didn't grow... (we're still trying)