December 2007

December 30th: Dad sure is tired of complaining about Comcast...  Sure wish they would actually fix something...  Oh yeah!  Lots of pictures this month with Christmas!

We started the month of December with snow! Getting ready for Santa - we're trying out to be his little helpers! Mommy likes to make me laugh. I helped Mommy decorate the tree (see all the ornaments around the bottom of the tree...)
Polar bears and cow spots... oh my! I can finally use my bath chair - the naked picture is only fair I guess, but at least Mommy's hand is strategically placed... While Bebe works on coloring a picture, Ninja Lucie spies an unsuspecting log cabin, and... Hi-ya! down it goes... The latest in technology! Robot girl!
This is what happens when you play "Pretty Pretty Princess" with Lucie and then let her get hold of the camera! We sure wore TC out! On Christmas Eve we decorated Santa cookies! Looks like a couple of people got carried away with the frosting... Why am I on the floor like this? What's going on up there?
Christmas morning! I got a new puppy dog and a car bank... I got a book and some clothes... I got another puppy... I got Gnip Gnop (what a great noise maker!)
We also got a "Tickle Me Cookie Monster"... But rather than going through everything we got... just look at the wreckage! And we got snow for Christmas, too! Another noise maker from Mom - a busy bee that spins around and bumps into me! Daddy keeps telling me to jump over it, but where's the fun in that?
My new sweater doesn't make any noise at all... Aunt Maggie came to visit after Christmas - Daddy felt it was necessary to play with Photoshop some more... Tika started partying for New Years early...