May 2006

May 30th: Well, it isn't quite the bonanza of pictures as last month, but Daddy got it done on time!

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Ain't I just a cute little pill bug?

Of course, I like sleeping all stretched out too!

I don't think I like the look on her face...  Somebody pick me up, quick!

This is better!  It looks like there is a party going on!
Mommy really shouldn't let me take my own pictures!

My first nap on the big bed (still in what will be Harry's room)

And my first night in the big bed in my own room!

Mommy ran out of pajammas - fortunately I had this cool night shirt!

Marta came by - Daddy was nice and didn't show you the picture of me crying...

Gran came to visit too!  This was a busy month...

Since Daddy controls the web site, he can choose the pictures where you can't see his face...

You can at least see his face here, but he's still not looking at the camera...
Aunt Susan and Cousin Maria came to visit!

It seems like every time I get together with my cousin, Maria, someone takes a picture of us eating...

Guess which sock puppet I made all by myself!

Mel came by and helped Harry get some rest while we read!
"I'm all shook up..." - I just need to turn the collar up a little more and pretend this is a microphone...

Yummy!  Macaroni & Cheese and applesauce!