October 2005

October 9th: The next time you see me, I'll be two! I bet I'll look a lot different then!

OK, maybe this time the box is too small for me to pack myself up... What do you mean I'm not qualified for the supreme court?! Dahling! You look fabulous! Daddy went to Pittsburgh, and all I got was this stinking t-shirt!
Natural disaster "Lucie" wreaks havoc on the little people farm... Now this outfit is toasty! Daddy thought about including this in the art gallery instead - it is a self portrait! Will they ever tire of taking my picture when I climb into something? Probably not!

October 22nd: Happy Birthday to Me!

But there are pictures from before and after too...

It's not Seattle, but we still get a lot of rain... Another new "do" from Tracy... Daddy said something about presents, but I'm just happy to have a box of packing peanuts... My first trip to the Pumpkin Patch!
And I got to ride a train with Mommy (who is taking the picture) and Daddy (who has carefully cut himself out of the picture.) Just hangin' with the straw dudes... My first second birthday party! How does this work? You give me something and then you play with it?
Mommy lined us up for the "no cake on the carpet" talk... Now what am I supposed to do on birthday number 2? More "Little People" stuff! And it makes noise too! Wait a minute... I pulled off this paper, but there's just more underneath...
Daddy! You're supposed to wait until I'm actually in the picture... I've heard "it takes a village", but I'm not sure it's going to work... Once again, the box is the coolest part! Tea with Bebe!
And then you wipe your mouth like so... Where's the butter for this bread? Yeah! Ice cream cake! So how old am I? This is like the third time I'm turning 2!
Legos with Mad Dog - I just have to keep telling everyone how to build towers! Check out my new bear from Gran! Maggie helped me get her dressed! Aunt Maggie hard at work on cake number 3... Is that professional looking, or what? (As if I care - I just want to eat it!)
Now I can make cookies to go with my tea! First, Mommy thought I should go as a cat for Halloween... Then we flirted with being a bumble bee... But in the end, we knew it would be cold, so I went as a bear! (and I scored some major loot!)