November 2005

November 26th: The long awaited first update of my third year! Here I am! Note that I am not taking a nap in any of these pictures...

They can make me pose, but they can't make me like it! If I get close enough to the camera, they can't get the picture! Daddy! This one is really going to be embarrassing later... I prefer to create my art in the buff!
They may look long here, but they shrank up just right in the wash... Hanging out by the couch - when I get older, I'll really be able to slouch... But why wait until I'm older? Here she is! The Thanksgiving bumble bee in big shoes!
Check it out! The dog hat still fits! And still looks really swell :-) Pink fur trim on my pants! What could be cooler than that?! Eventually Mommy or Daddy will figure out how to get a good picture at the Zoo Lights! Do you know how many times I had to do this so Daddy could get all these pictures?!