May 2005

May 1st: Yes, after 18 months, Daddy is finally reworking my web site

Getting used to my cousins in Tennessee (Maria and Jack probably had to get used to me too) Well, it isn't a beach, but I got to play in the sand... Why is she wearing my clothes? Wait - maybe I'm wearing her clothes... You look mah-va-lous, darling!
I don't know why Daddy is always griping about mowing the lawn - what's the big deal? Today's lesson - why it isn't a good idea to try to get a picture of a group of kids... Flying home from Tennessee - Mommy said I did great on every flight! Now I'm ready for the beach!
Or maybe I should wear this one! (Oh wait - we live in Oregon - maybe I should wear a coat...) In addition to me sleeping, you can see the new wall color in my room... Jedi master am I... yes! Shoes go on my feet? Why?

May 14th: Daddy had to get creative with a couple pictures...

Daddy helped me build the tower, but I decorated all by myself! So much for a walk! Hmm... How can I get a ride at the same time as these guys? And for my next trick, I'll try this with the plates on the table!
Here at Lucie's "House O' Cars", we subject our vehicles to rigorous crash tests... Look! I'm sailing! (Isn't Daddy artistic...) Lucie & Maggie after another fine Red Robin lunch! Here I am preparing to create my first masterpiece!
How did my bear get a yellow head? Look at what Tanto gave me! Maybe she doesn't see too many 18 month olds... My first haircut was a traumatic experience... But the chocolate milkshake made it all better!

May 29th: This update you get a fashion show and a trip to the zoo!

Just an update so you can see Mommy's & Daddy's decorating skill... Pretty funny that Daddy got this shirt since he doesn't even drink... Check out this dress! It might make me famous (if they use me in the Forest Grove newspaper this week) Aunt Susan made me this cool shirt!
I'm so excited about this outfit I'm trying to call someone to tell them about it! I had to put a jacket on to go hang out at the park though... Now these are the cat's meow! Gran came to visit so I had to show her my cool stuff...
I showed Mad Dog what a mess I can make... Then I got him to read me a book! We all went to the zoo... and I saw a Polar Bear...
and I saw the Elephants... and I even saw a Butterfly (the last time I saw that was when I threw my muffin on the floor...)