March 2005

Uncommonly nice March weather means time at the park!

Thank yew... thank yew vury much I hope they don't catch me standing on their bed! I think I will go with this purse today... I wonder when Daddy will get home...
Look! I can stand on my head (sort of) I don't really need to hold on, but I like holding hands Nothing beats a cardboard box! This is my friend, Grace.
This is just a Daddy kind of update... Oh sure I can walk, but scootin' like a monkey is a lot faster! Not everyone can pull off this look... Sure it's easy to get the shapes in, but I'm working on getting them out!
Why slide down when you can climb up? Sure it was fun yesterday, but I'm not doing this when you're trying to take pictures! And you thought you had bad hair days... I built it myself! Ok - maybe Daddy helped a little...
Check out my new PJs! And some more new PJs... I got a bunch of cool stuff from Bebe & TC, but do you know what the best thing is? The cheap plastic fireman's hat, of course!