February 2005

Another month gone by and I keep changing every day!

I know I have a round belly, but I don't think they need this much measuring tape... I'm just gonna sit here and hug my pig! More free advertising for these guys! I don't actually think much of their food, but I love their balloons! For my next trick, I will lift this massive weight...
I sure hope this doesn't go on my driving record! (I can explain - I swear...) Once you get rid of all those annoying book things, there is plenty of room for me! I'm just trying to get some vitamin D here... I'm ready for The Outback!
I know I'm growing, but I don't think my feet are this big yet! Toys? Who needs them! I have a laundry basket! I spy with my little eye... a big mess that I made all by myself! You can't really see how cute my outfit is in this picture... but you can see how cute my Mommy is!
Last year I said "Happy Valentines Day my butt!" - this year I'm more lady like... I just don't know what to say about this one... What the!? Where did his head go? That must have been some rocking! Ta da! Hope you liked the show!