April 2005

So much to do!

Pretty spiffy PJs, huh? Oh yeah, and I'm carrying a big blue ball too... Why yes, that is a waffle on my head - this look is all the rage in Europe... Forget "crouching tiger, hidden dragon" here comes "sitting Lucie, behind the chair" Another holiday where I get stuff? Great!
Easter egg hunt? What? Oh! You didn't tell me there was chocolate in the eggs! I got a bunny in my pocket and cardboard box to play with - what could be better? Look what I can do with play-doh!
And that's the truth! Y? Because we like you! Just hanging out with my pal Gracie... Check out this cool pop-up!
Just when Mommy thought she would have to buy me some clothes, more gifts for me! And more gifts for me! I'm a great baby! And I'm easy to stow too! Check out my new sneaks! I can walk anywhere now!
Hanging out (in the middle of the river - see, I can walk on water) with my friend Kara... What can I build today? I can only do so much with 20 blocks... When is this rain going to stop? Sure - Mommy thought these stickers were funny... wait 'til I ask for my first tattoo!
Look I'm in a dress! What is that kangaroo looking at? I'm ready to be a trick rider in the Pendleton Roundup!