March 2004

 Daddy tries out special effects! See me in action!

What was Mommy thinking? There's that cow again... Baby in a bag... But at least I slept well... They'll never keep me on my tummy now!
Pull the leg in... Push the shoulder over... Now if I can just get this hip over... Almost done!
Ta da! That's really a shadow, not Daddy's hair I don't know what Aunt Maggie was thinking... The Queen is not pleased
Now what, they just leave me on the floor? OK, this way you can see how cute the sweater is I have toes! And I can suck my fingers like nobody's business
I don't even know what rap music is... I'm one happy baby once I get enough sleep This rabbit is so big, I could almost be a toy for it Get this thing off me!
I think my t-shirt says it all What else can I say? Sometimes my parents over stimulate me And then I need a straight-jacket
What a cutie! Am I adorable, or what? Mommy said to put my pants back on, but I only got this far... I wish Mommy wouldn't let me fall over like this...
You can make me wear the hat, but you can't make me look at the camera...