June 2004

What is that big bright thing in the sky all the time? What do you mean it doesn't rain all the time in Oregon?

Stop hogging space in my bed! What's in my purse? Lucie's "blue period" Who's up there?
That's better - I should always be looked up to... Look - blinds and a shade - oh yeah, that's me and Mommy in the dark... What am I supposed to do with this? I don't have much hair... Oh that's right - you eat it like everything else!
I need some more intellectual reading material... I hope this frog is clean! Eating finger foods with Daddy See Daddy. See Daddy read. Read, Daddy, read.
Aunt Maggie came to visit! Me in my Life Saver pants This time, Daddy took a picture of me in my Life Saver pants... Oh look! I'm still in my Life Saver pants... but this time I'm sitting with one of my "few" stuffed animals...
Which is better - the toy or being in the basket? With the bars and the pink striped pants you'd think I was in prison... Gramps TC and Me! And Bebe, too!
And a new toy to chew on from honorary Aunt Ginger... Mommy said I should wear this for Father's day... And she said I got Daddy a present too... But really it was just a big bag for me!
I just love these sophisticated toys! We went to the Rose Garden and Mommy let me play in the water But no matter where we go, I just can't escape the papparazi... Mommy's helping me with my new dance steps
Bebe thinks I actually care about these flowers... When really everyone should be looking at my mini skirt instead! I'm sure I'll look back on my first picnic with fond memories... At least the fruit puffs were good
Whew! Back in the comfy air conditioning! If you get down here at my level you can see all my stuffed animals... A dress?! What am I doing in a dress? Mommy said something about a boat or a train, but I think it was just a scam...
Oh look! Mommy's getting arty again... Mmm... Cookie... If TC & Daddy would just let me play with MY toys... Now tell me again - what is the French Foreign Legion?
Let me see here - there's a green one and a yellow one and an orange one and a red one and... oops I'm out of limbs! Just wait until I'm big enough to start climbing that railing... Sippy cup? We don't need no stinkin' sippy cup!