July 2004

Dallas in July?! What were you people thinking?

Kicking back for another ride in the stroller Sometimes it looks like I just about have the crawling thing figured out... And sometimes it doesn't Here I am before the fuse is lit...
And here I am going off What the... capri pants?! Who has the bigger head? Do I look like a little angel, or what?
Which one looks most like Daddy trying something new? (trick question - Daddy doesn't try new things...) If you ignore the mess, you can almost make out my teeth! Mmm... Waffle... Maybe if Mommy took a movie you could see I'm actually swinging...
Daddy took a few minutes out of the yard work to come to the park with me... It doesn't look this complicated when Mommy & Daddy use a spoon... Pink outfit... pink cups... what is Mommy trying to tell me? Look at me! I'm a work of art!
Getting a big bear hug from a friend Is it supposed to be "up and down" or "side to side"? Give me a break - I've only got two little teeth... No, you're not supposed to look at my butt - Mommy wants you to see how I hold things in my feet... Every time I knock one of these down, Daddy goes and builds another one - when will he get tired of this game?
Now that Mommy takes most of the pictures, you don't see her any more... As pretty as a flower... I thought we were going to the World Aquarium... That doesn't look like a fish!
Now that's better! I'm glad Daddy got me inside the tank... Just hanging out in Mommy's old dress... I hope I still have all my fingers and toes when Hondo gets through licking me! My first trip to Taco Cabana!
What a motley crew... Jeff, Nathan, Daddy & Me, and Greg Bob had to go back to work, but I got to hang out with Katie and Mommy at the mall... Are you my Snake? Or did we decide on Gran? Oh look! Aunt Maggie taking another picture! At least this one has Gwen and Mommy in it too!
Just me and my Mad Dog! Somehow Mommy stuck Daddy in the family picture while she's behind the camera...