December 2004

A Christmas cruise! I could get used to this life style!

Look, Tanto, a horse shirt! No, Daddy, don't take my high chair away! Snug as a bug in a rug One day they will stop taking my picture all the time
I know I'm not a big baby, but don't you think Mommy & Daddy are over compensating here Mommy and Daddy trying to get the Christmas photo But this is the actual outfit from my friend, Michael - including a much cooler hat! Daddy has to stop taking my picture this way!
I can ride my little horse now (but Daddy is right there to catch me) Please look at how nicely I am playing with the cars, not my hair What mess? Don't you think they should stop with the creative camera angles?
I got to help pack for the cruise! Are you sure you really want me spending time with Bebe? Now this is cruising! Where's my drink?! I look good in anything!
I can't see anything at the zoo with these glasses on. Hey! This thing isn't real! And I don't care what Daddy says, this Hippo isn't either! Formal night, shmormal night... Hey! What is that guy eating?!
Hanging out with Mommy on Catalina island. Doesn't Gran's bag go fabulously with my outfit? Yeehaw! I plum wore my Tanto out! Back in Oregon after the cruise, but at least Rita made me this warm hat!
I'm going to get this sock thing figured out eventually... Zoo Lights? What Zoo Lights? Somebody turn on a heater! OK - so the lights were pretty - can't they do this in the summer though? Mommy "let" me open one present on Christmas Eve!
Look what Santa brought! Still in my PJs and look what else was under the tree! More presents for me?! I wonder if Mommy and Daddy are tired of "Old McDonald" yet?
No, I'm not tired - I'm just hugging my new flat doggy friend... The day after Christmas - I thought a throne would be jewel encrusted...